David Cameron's priority is to keep the UK in the EU, even if it means the Conservatives lose the next general election! Is David Cameron working in the interests of foreign powers!

PM Panics as Tories bid to quit EU next year: MPs hijack Commons ...

PM Panics as Tories bid to quit EU next year MPs hijack Commons ...

  • Tory MP Adam Afriyie said people did not trust David Cameron to hold referendum in 2017
  • He is set to force a vote on the issue in five weeks' time backed by Tory and Labour Eurosceptics
  • If he wins, a referendum on Europe should be fast forwarded to next October

By Simon Walters and Glen Owen


Downing Street was thrown into panic last night by a rebel Tory bid to force an early referendum on quitting the EU.

In a direct challenge to the Prime Ministerís authority, Conservative MP Adam Afriyie said people did not trust David Cameronís pledge to hold a vote on Europe in 2017.

Backed by Tory and Labour Eurosceptics, he is set to force a Commons vote on the issue in five weeksí time.

If he wins, it would mean Parliament had ruled that the referendum should be fast-forwarded to next October.

Is Merkel Cameron's real ubermeister?


I have been watching the awakening of the spirit of realization amongst the Tory backbenchers, that since David Cameron became PM his actions have benefited politically, financially and militarily Germany and the development of the EU autocratic state!

I watched with concern when Cameron decommissioned Britainís aircraft carriers and then dispatched the Jump-Jets to the voracious USA where THEY still have uses for them, unlike the undefended Britain!

Then I watched with concern when Cameron gave the new contract for the rolling stock for the proposed new rail network in England to the Germans. Once more the Krauts suck out the blood and sweat of a betrayed Britannia, who seems to have been brainwashed by the pro-EU cabal, which has somehow managed to install two deceivers into the position of British PM in 2 successive general elections!

Both Blair and Cameron, not to mention Clegg have all promised the British people "cast iron" guarantees that they will be given the chance to vote on an in-out referendum on the membership of the EU!  

Is it only myself that suspects that the aforementioned have deliberately, and with conspiratorial forethought, deceived the electorate to keep Britain in an EU that has demonstrated the desire to dismantle the United Kingdom, financially (in banking), and militarily (decommissioning the Royal Navy, the air Force and reducing its army to such an extent that it will be unable to defend itself if Britain "refuses" to go along with the Krauts plans for its EU super-state, with the Hun in the driving seat), and causing unease in Scotland and in Northern Ireland where one wants its independence and the other is being brainwashed by the EU and their US puppet politicians to accept the eventual absorption into a United Irish state!

The Huns are in clover, due to the 2008 financial "crisis", which many believe was a German banking conspiracy to in debt Britain, Ireland, Greece, Spain etc! And we find out that it was the German banks that lent the monies that fed the bubble of the boom and it is the coffers of the German banks that are now overflowing with the hard earned money of Britain and Ireland.

 The Hun has fallen on its feet no-matter what has happened in the UK and Ireland and it is my contention that this could not have happened without the help of Tony Blair and David Cameron!

In the future, if it was found that Tony Blair and David Cameron have knowingly conspired to undermine the UK as an entity, then they should be tried for treason!

 Thereís something about the date of 2017, Cameronís proposed date on which an EU referendum will be put before the British people!

My question is: why 2017?

What does Cameron know that genuine British people donít?

I smell a rat! Maybe a Kraut conspiracy!

Does Cameron and the fat Kraut Merkel know that something, (international crisis, financial or war) will overtake events by that date?

Finally I ask you!

Is David Cameron working in the interests of a foreign power?

 When I was a boy I watched World at War with Sir Laurence Olivier. My heroes were the British airmen who took off to pay the Hun back for their attacks on the cities of Britain. My native city is Belfast, which suffered 3 raids. My mother and father told me they ran with my 2 sisters and my brother to open ground when the Hun aircraft bombed Belfast.    

They were the fortunate ones!

I really appreciate the sacrifice of those countless Britons who gave their lives for my generation and my rage knows no bounds to see the Hun conspire to destroy a nation that has withstood the ravages of nearly 1000 years to be betrayed by new secret neo-nazi scum traitors who are prepared to accept the Hun as their overlords and see the destruction of the British state!

Jim Cairns.

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