March 12, 2015

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Introducing my book:

"Disappeared off the face of the earth" - Jim Cairns

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Back cover image: - Kieron Street Kilkenny with Kyteler's Inn on the left, named after Dame Alice Kyteler, the infamous witch of Kilkenny

Second Edition 2008 -

The new look cover, with new graphics and some added text.

Front cover view -

The medieval Market Slip - High Street Kilkenny



"In the late 1970s and early 1980s people began to go missing in Ireland more frequently and in greater numbers. This was a new phenomenon not evident in previous decades, but in the early 1990s the public began to realise there was a serious problem!

This book tells my story, a terrifying account, which will shock the most hardened veteran. It begins with events in Northern Ireland and later in Kilkenny in the Republic of Ireland, where incredible revelations came to light involving the "Rich and Powerful".

The book also delves into man's psychic powers and awareness, the world of the supernatural, the after-life and whether our souls perish or live on after death and examines the probability that the world in which we exist, the matrix, which we think we comprehend might not be all we perceive it to be!

The trust, which we, the public, have placed in those who govern us and police our society, is brought into question!

"Can we assume that our so-called "betters" have our best interests at heart?"


This book is a detailed account of the failures and the crimes of the Irish and British establishment; ie: the police, politicians, the clergy, the judiciary, the wealthy, government institutions in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom.

In 1995/6 I discovered incredible revelations involving murders and missing persons. I decided to contact an Irish TD (MP) in late 1996, which I did, but hope turned to anger and dismay after an initially favourable response turned into rejection and a "dont want to know" attitude from the Irish TD! In the following years up to 2000, I contacted the most prominent TDs and MPs in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland (Ulster) and even to the top in the UK.

I have no doubts that my information on high level paedophile groups and e'litist Satanic covens is based on fact, and given the recent expose's in the Operation Ore investigations into paedophile rings at the highest levels in British political circles, which seem to implicate serving MPs in the Government, my book will help to open the minds of those detractors who label such claims as " just another conspiracy theory"!

Read my book and decide for yourself if there is indeed a conspiracy by those in power and by those with immense wealth!

It will be the "Book of Evidence", which can be used in "betters times" to bring elitist criminals to justice!



This book will challenge many of your assumptions and cherished beliefs regarding those who govern us, whether you live in Western Europe, Australia, the USA and Canada and elsewhere in the world. It contains several sections, which will certainly shock the reader and I would advise that it might upset persons of a nervous disposition, the young, and it might trigger repressed memories in persons who have been abused.

So be careful and be warned as to the content of this book! Nevertheless, it contains vital information, which might save lives, it might help the families of the missing to realise that the so-called authorities are not being totally frank regarding their missing loved ones. One thing is certain; your outlook on life will never be the same again!

If my book moves you, please recommend it to your friends,

Sincerely and be careful –

Jim Cairns – Author and Publisher


(Registered under the Republic of Ireland Companies Act - No: - 253148)

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